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Posted in will be by Rich on August 1, 2011

At first one just sees one ant; but then another; and another.

It is the same with the zombies. There is no one else around, outside on the streets, which is how I know they have been taken. But how bad is it? Is it like the ants which, sometimes, when ignored, seem to just go away?

A zombie is on the back porch. I must change into sensible shoes before making my escape. I lock the bedroom door, which I am happy has a lock. It takes me quite a long time to decide on the right shoes. By now, the zombie is right outside the door.

I open up the window. I climb onto the roof.

Up here, one can see –– the entire red bloodred sky a mess of tornout viscera, hanging above the world: a patient eviscerated upon a table.

Eliot. Elllliott. Eliot-el-elliott.

I run across rooftops in the zombie playground. I take the high road. Everyone else is left low. So lifeless and low.


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