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On Demanding Task-Masters & March.

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Somewhere, between “Rich” and the world, is I, who is “I”.

“Rich” goes for a walk, and I here-write: Rich goes for a walk.

I stand beside “Rich” and world to interpolate and interpret, amanuensis and avatar alike; the until-now silent epiphenomenonfollower of the life of richie; the still-now stalwart shadowscribibbler.

There might be (present and future tense) suitors; the suitors that were or would’ve been’ve been dispatched: I’deed the dispatching myself, indeed I did, Daddy. The rabble are put on mute; told to cease and decease themselves. So much for the peanut gallery, then; so much for them. We roast them below, burny and roastem. Here, there is only him (and now me, sort of). Here, where “Rich” is reconstructed, in Edenville where there is a “tree”.