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Posted in Stories by Rich on December 24, 2009

Mr Chimbly sat by the fire smokin’ ‘iz pipe.

Ho-haw! bah-hummed Mrs Chimbly. Haven’t you chopped any chunkers fer the feu yet, husband?

–Naw, woman, sputtered Chimbly. For I’s been a-sittin’ right ‘ere puff-puff-puffin’ on me puffer as you can right’y see, sow. Whyn’t you just relax and leave ol’ Chimbly alone.

Lousy old Chimbly! yelled the missus, and set her husband en flambé.

Late after supper, Mrs Chimbly served a right plum pudding. And everyone so loved Mrs Chimbly’s plum pudding! How it wrestled all warm and chimbly in their tummies, like.

THE MORAL: Don’t do drugs.

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