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Posted in is by Rich on December 18, 2009

There is the expectation of prodigious snow for tomorrow.

Karen and Rich are going off the island to have dinner with Caroline and Bill at their house in the woods later on, before the snow starts. Rich has replenished the antifreeze in his car. He hopes he remembers to install his new winter windshield cover when he returns home. The snow is expected to start around 1 A.M. Caroline texts that Bill’s son will be joining them for dinner; Rich doesn’t mind. Last Friday he sat with Lori as her baby drooled on her, and as the cat fell asleep and drooled on Rich. If he can handle drool. The other night, Rich went over to Karen’s with a bottle of spiced rum and some eggnog leftover from book club. The two friends laughed so hard at one point that ‘nog clogged up Karen’s nose. Rich later says it would not have been a good way to go: death by ‘nog. (Still, if she can handle ‘nog, then.)

Still, still the world, expectant: so much depends upon. The simple warmth of the apartment this afternoon. The twinkly Christmas tree lights. An uncluttered kitchen table, prepared. When he went out to do errands earlier, his own nose started to run with eggy mucus mixture, and he was forced to use his sleeve. He sniffled and sniffled as long as he could. Then looked down: to sleeve.

So much then.

If he can.

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