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Posted in is, Rich's book club by Rich on November 15, 2009

Karen picks up Rich but not literally to ride with him in horseless carriage to Upper Township, to Pattimac’s, to book group.

Talk oh, unhappy marriages; bored suburban couples and my how dark it is out here, here in the woods; high school parties in the woods and smoking weed in school, high (but not them, natch; just in nature, how there is nothing else to do out here in the woods ‘cept to party if you are young or burn-out inside when older & married in the country). Karen knows she has been to Patty’s before; takes turn-here-there roads to reach cozy little Patty house with cozy little Neon carcass covered in leaves out front like a burial shroud [the leaves]. Ring the bell. Hi, hi, hi. There is delicious homemade hummus and tabouleh and olives and Guinness’nHarp. Patty learned the recipe for the hummus from a Lebanese friend; delicious, with the oil all drizzled on top & garnished.

They sit in the dining room, which Patty admits doesn’t get much play except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are pictures of Greece on the wall, and Paris, and Italy. Patty has just returned from a Catholic funeral like the one for Paddy (Chapter 6). Why is it –– they pass past the house of the deceased en route to the funeral? Fine old custom; glad to see it has not died out. Not like Dignam did died out. Or the Neon.

Karen giggles about the loosening of the bowels and the bathtub scenes. Patty says, “I like Bloom; I like him so much.” Much more than Stephen at least: all agree. (But Stephen reminds Rich of himself somehow; always has.) “I feel sorry for him; how he’s bossed around.” Although all laugh at the mention of Bloom following the woman’s behind, behind her moving hams. Moving hams LOL! All so repressed; in the church; in the Ireland; and the co-advisor to the Fine Arts Club tells Rich later in the week that the Irish have always married later than others, which surprises, and he says it is on account of their repression. He is Irish himself, and Rich considers inviting him to join the moving hams book group; but the group is already on Chapter 9. He would be left to chase after their moving hams, he and Pattimac and Karenkaywillickers. (Plus it is so far for the Irish co-advisor to travel up each month.) Rich looks at his nails; days later he will look again and find one bleeding at the cuticle. Suck on it, the saliva will help to bind it, his mother used to say after he had started biting his nails so that they would bleed on occasion. The saliva will bind the cuticle. The nails meant to represent crucifixion in Chapter 6. The bleeding nails.

Patty and Karen talk of the windy office and their blowhard boss and some of the more flatulent faculties. As they soon to bye, the dog upstairs begins to bark: ruff! ruff! ruff! ruff! Why am I left alone upstairs? What is going on down there? I need to loosen me bowels, arf & ruff! ruff! ruff! ruff!

Rich and Karen pass by the Neon lying in wake in the drive; take Karen’s car out of the woods, over the bridge & back to the island.