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Posted in was by Rich on September 29, 2009

Richie’s mom stood over a pot, stirring the delicious weggemobobbles.

I want some little trees, Mommie!

She cracked butter over the broccoli, which ran thickly yeahyo [yellow] and hot over the green forest on the plate. THE STEAM where –– there was god escaping the food with all the other demons Mommie had exorcised in her cauldron (begone, bekrishna).

–Will Daddie not eat trees too, Mommie?

Daddie liked stuffing himself with meat, flesh fallen from bone (besides, trees gave him gas). Richie much preferred the crunch of weggemobobbles. When he grew, he would be a weggemobobblitarian. When he was older and grown.

–What about the monkeys? Do the monkeys want some, Mommie?



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