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Posted in is by Rich on September 21, 2009

Anne’s birthday is Saturday, the same day as Caroline’s wedding.

Rich texts her: “Happy birthday!! I’m wearing a seersucker blazer I got at Target for $15! A little short in the sleeves, but, pfft! Wish I was there; you would appreciate my stylish thrift.”

Her response: “Meet us in New York! I would have insisted you come, but thought you had a wedding! I appreciate your thrift.”

The conversation continues: “I do have a wedding!”

And: “When are you coming to dc?” ––

Not soon enough! I need to show the GOP what a REAL tea party looks like. “Nancy, be a dear and pass the clotted cream, luv.”

Oh man those people are crazies. They wouldn’t know watercress if it walked up and gave them health insurance.

I hope we can at least all agree to death panel the marmite.

For sure. Do you keep spotted dick or not?

Hello! Spotted dick = public option! : )

Sc sc.


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