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Posted in is by Rich on September 14, 2009

She ate all the chips from a fresh bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos except for a few crumbs, which justified her returning the bag to the cupboard so that she does not have to admit that she ate the entire bag.

Kim once said that, when she was stressed, she too would eat H.o.L. Tostitos –– that there was something about the lime flavor seasoning that kept her calm.

On the window outside is a pornography of bugs in the mid-September evening; there is something exciting about this. The world becomes very blurry and the insect’s tableau vivant very clear in the evening, in the mid-September evening.

On his way to school today, Rich suddenly thought, I want to lay waste to the world and refashion it in Poetry. Government in exile, institutions abandoned –– let there be only this.

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