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Posted in is, Rich's book club by Rich on June 21, 2009

Rich has decided to give Infinite Jest another go, as part of Infinite Summer. As remarked to friends in an e-mail, he hopes more will join him in his immediate circle of friends than did when he announced the Gravity’s Rainbow book club back in the Summer of ’02. Then it was just he and pal Gabriel; and angel Gabe did not last the first week. Rich had set down a schedule — maybe around 100 pages a week (give or take; he wishes he could find that schedule still); but it ended up being just he reading in the main building of the New School when the hot stink stank to him, the stick and the A/C making his flesh moist and rent. And he reading in bars or coffeeshops, arriving an hour in advance of someone-meeting just to have convict time to sit with Lt. Slothrop like one of his ill-fated liaisons. Just he, like the single, suicidal lightbulb: those passages he still vividly recalls for some reason.

He hopes that this will go better; and at least he has Colin Meloy in it, too.