the life of richie


Posted in is, was by Rich on May 26, 2009

Richie memembers Daddie wanting him to wear his new white sneakers to the saramonie but he diddnit want to wear the sneakers ––

Mom and dad take Living Grandfather up to Farmingdale for the parade of alzheimatic arhats; Rich remains behind. He is visited by friend Amanda; they drink wine and eat cheddar cheese, which Rich teases her about because cheddar cheese is her favorite, and Rich thinks it delicious but common. Amanda frets about being single and in her middle-late-twenties; waxes neurotic over her new romantic interest, another chance to not die alone, and her boyfriend anxiety and constant indecision and revision make Rich feel very calm and sorted. Wouldn’t it be worse, after all, to marry someone just to have someone? –– and what did Rich’s opinion of Amanda’s new beau’s Facebook cameo matter so much? (Is this The Hills or an episode of Seinfeld?)

The two sit on the beach, where the dramas of the world, like sands through the hourglass, pass for a moment. There is a ferris wheel ride and mini-golf game and hand-dipped, homemade ice cream. All is well and, Rich realizes, shall be.