the life of richie


Posted in was by Rich on March 16, 2009

There was a world that was not Richie’s world. That other world existed outside and was dangerous. It was not Richie’s world no no not Richie no. The first months of his beaning, Mommie did not even take Richie outof the house for fear of him being abandoned, lost, hurt or stolen. Little Binky’s safemety caused Miss Mommie great constermanation, greater even than when she had to potty train Richie. Richie did not take to the pity pottying. Mommie would buy treats to keep in a plastic pumpkin and say if you use the potty, you can have a toy but Richie would scream and demand toys now, mommie! and Mommie would give in. (Poor little Binky.) Finally Daddie said be a big boy and you can go to the new Yuke and Yeia movie, and that was that, and so it goes. Still; Mommie felt bad about her role in the failed pottying process. She was sure this would have terrible effects on the infant in years to come. Uncle Freud agreed. He said Mommie would need lots of alcmeholnogg to survive Richie’s even more terrible yeater years.

But Uncle Freud also said that Richie was a writer and could not live in reality’s tenure. He might’ve suggested putting the terrible child up for adoption. Cause Richie was an artist, forging the Antithetical. He was was before am –– was not –– (He be: past, present, future tense.) And terrible things would no doubt come of It. Mommie said he was her little Binky and she would take her chances. Uncle Freud puffed, it’s your life, lady.