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Posted in was by Rich on February 12, 2009

That old Arty Fissure…, thought Mommie, rummaging about in her bag. Daddie dear, it’s time! Daddie and Mommie went to hospital to deliver the newsance, whichis Richie urborn, son of Mommie + man. Hurry up, Daddie, it’s time! Richie always imaginged Daddie hurrying with suitcase and Mommie huffing & puffing their brown house down as these three rushed to hospital in the red car to burp out baby Binky: Ta-dah! Mommie was given drugs & when she waked up, Daddie said he had signed the birth certificate; he said, “I named him me.” (This naming would come to haunt them both.) Mommie, who thought His Majesty the Baby was beautiful and fragile and kingly, took Binky home and did not take him out of home for the next six months. (This would also haunt him.) Mommie feared that Baby Richie would get hurt if taken out of house. And so it was, at the start, Mommie and Daddie and Richie and the cat in the brown house in the country, and everything was quiet and tree as Richie slept most always and never caused a great fuss and things were simple as pie for those 3 (+ cat).

That is what was.

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